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Payroll Management Support in Burke, VA

Payroll is a key function that businesses of any size can find difficult to properly manage. Our firm helps you fulfill this function in an accurate, prompt manner. Total Business Services, LLC provides payroll services in Burke, Springfield, Fairfax, and the surrounding communities. Schedule a consultation today to see how we can help your company fulfill this key operational function.

Get Your Payroll Started With Total Business Services

Our CPA firm in Fairfax County provides payroll services to all clients who need them.

When a client new to our payroll support signs up for it, our firm in Burke records all relevant information, such as employee numbers and previous payroll partners who may have your older records. We will then connect with your older payroll providers to gather those records and maintain accurate reporting across the board. All of this information is taken down into our internal payment system; from there, we are ready to begin supporting your payroll functions.

Payroll Management

Once we have your financial information on record, Total Business Services, LLC offers the level of payroll management you need as desired. We record the hours of your employees and calculate withholdings and other payment details for you, which are sent back for your own record keeping in addition to ours. We hold on to these records for use during tax season, audits, and other occasions as needed.

Depending upon how much involvement you want us to have in your payroll functions, we can record and process employee time records on a bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly schedule. These different levels of service allow us to either take full control of your time card record keeping or to support your own management of these records. We also perform this function in time with your employee’s payment schedule.

Payroll Tax Filing

Even if we do not conduct your payroll management directly, we still support your business by conducting the payroll tax filing for you. Total Business Services, LLC sends all payroll tax returns and payments to the IRS and your state’s tax board. These returns are filed every business quarter by us, so you do not have to stress over completing them.

Additionally, we also help you prepare for your employee’s income tax returns by drafting their documents. We deliver both W-2s and 1099s for employees and independent contractors, respectively, who work for you. These are delivered in a timely manner to help you and your employees file accurate, timely personal returns.

Contact Us for Payroll Support

Total Business Services, LLC provides full payroll services near Burke. For more information about how we help you run your business, contact our firm and schedule a consultation today. 

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